Poignant Irrelevance

Monday, December 17, 2007

scene: sunday night, dinner, restaurant.

me: so i was listening to this podcast earlier today on my run
gf: uh huh
me: i guess the longer and slower you run, the more mitochondria you create
me: *pause*
me: i guess they are like batteries that power your muscles. the more you have, the faster you can run before you crash out
gf: are you going to run another marathon next fall?
me: yeah
gf: *pause*
gf: that doesn't surprise me
me: it doesn't?
gf: nope
me: oh

remember how after the chicago marathon i said i was going to take a year off? i think you guys called it right away. i remember marla in particular calling me out, essentially saying my 'year off' thing was total crap.


we proceeded to discuss running and our relationship some more. my gf says i get really intense for almost the whole month of september. :)


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