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Monday, July 02, 2007

tonights run called for 9 miles, with 4 miles at a 15k - 1/2M pace. as per the usual, during the run i blanked on whether or not i was supposed to do 4 or 5 mi at the faster pace. i went with 5 mi. oh well.

i ate some food about an hour so before i ran (dumb). this time i just had a stomach ache out there. this run made me want to swear and hit mailboxes,

“Sometimes it’s an incredible drag. Just yesterday I went out and ran 23 miles and I was swearing and hitting mailboxes. I didn’t want to be out there but I knew I had to. I’d say most runners half-like and half-dislike running.” – Bill Rodgers

i guess marathon training shouldn't be all fun and games. otherwise everybody would be out there training. i just felt poopy on this run, but i got 'er done. its not that i was all out of breath or even that i had cement legs. i simply wanted to hit mailboxes and swear. that probably doesn't make any sense eh? possibly the fatigue of a work-day, combined with coming off my 15-miler a couple days ago, and some other stuff = me want to hit mailboxes on a lactate threshold run.

if i had one complaint with the pfitz program, it would that i have to keep an eye on my watch for a lot of the training runs to check in on my pacing. the plan is a dynamic one, and one that requires certain pacing at certain points of the run, during certain runs of the week. that is part of the challenge of it, which hopefully will pay off.
splits were--9:50, 9:49, 8:21, 8:29, 8:30, 8:11, 8:30, 9:44, 9:40 (0.943) = 8.943 mi.

check out my june mileage compared to my peak mileage month (september) during last summer's training schedule:


  • you and pfitz seem to be hitting it off. even if you want to swear and hit mailboxes, you pulled off a great paced run.

    By Anonymous ali, at 10:41 AM  

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