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Sunday, November 19, 2006

turkey trot revisited

wednesday: worked 15 hours.

thursday: worked 20 hours...arrived home 2:30am friday, drove back in to work at 5:30am on friday morning.

saturday: slept. ran 9.75 miles. had dinner w/gf's parents (who arrived in town this weekend) and my mom + sis. it was fun.

sunday: turkey trot 5k! i ran it in about 24:50 (official results yet to be released). it wasn't a great race for me but thats ok. it was a PR but only by 3%. also, mile 2 was 7% slower than mile 1, so thats not very good at all.

but it was fun, and i had energy for a nice kick at the end so that felt good. i nipped a girl (with about 50 yards left to the finish) that i had determined was NOT going to beat me no matter what. i was determined to beat her for no other reason than i just needed someone to compete against and she seemed to be running near my pace.

hopefully my schedule this week will return to some normalcy. i can only hope. i'm still short on sleep. later dudes!


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