Poignant Irrelevance

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

friday: 14.5 hours
saturday: 6 hours
sunday: 13 hours
monday: 17 hours
tuesday: 12.5 hours
wednesday: 17 hours
thursday: 10 hours
friday: 9 hours.
i think that is the last of that project for now, we finished today. whew. i worked 99 hours in 8 consecutive days. good times. well not really.

in other news i just got an awful haircut.

i'll be back for a better update this weekend. i'm hosting a belated christmas gathering with my dad tomorrow so i have to clean a little tonight. then its time with the gal. then the christmas get-together, then more time with the gal. then some running and lifting, maybe some more time with the gal, then back to work. we somehow managed to sneak in a very small amount of time in between the 99 hours.

i'm pretty tired now though, i feel bad that i'll basically be a lump this weekend. it'll take me about a week or maybe two to regain my bearings. i have plans to run and lift at least once this weekend. i gained a couple pounds during my 99 hour stint. not surprising but depressing.

real update coming this weekend. i feel bad i don't know what is going on with the RBF these days, i feel so out of the loop! i got in my congrats to jeff but that was about the only one. whew. later dudes.