Poignant Irrelevance

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

keeping a firm grasp

i ate one large handful of nuts.
i ate one single piece of french toast, heated up in the microwave.
i ran 4.7 miles around the neighborhood.

i did it, i ran tonight! stupid RBF had to be all encouraging and stuff.

it wasn't pretty but i ran.
was it hard to get out the door? yes.
was it fun? yes.
was i smiling before i reached the street? yes.
did i feel like rocky? yes.
if she was not out of town would i still have laced it up? hmmmm. hehe.

well this is how it starts anew. i squeezed in another run before the dawn of '06. yes! i can run, yes, i can still run. looking forward to more of 'em. maybe tomorrow night again!

thanks dudes.