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Thursday, March 13, 2008

more time

yesterday i had my bags packed, but within a few hours of takeoff i found out the trip fell through. good news bad news!

the bad news is business related but the good news is that i found myself with a lot more free time that previously anticipated. i took the opportunity to go for a medium-long run last night, 10.4 miles. my hamstrings are a tad sore this morning but nothing unusual.

about 80 minutes into my run i started to get super SUPER hungry. all i could think about was food. of course i ended up getting home a little late and then i over-ate. i seem to relearn that lesson 14 or 15 times a year.

i took a quick shower then went to the grocery store. i spent $38; strawberries, bananas, dried mixed berries, yogurt, whole wheat pitas, turkey, one jalapeno ($0.14!), spinach, tootsie rolls (on sale, oops), box of protein bars, and these (oops--made 3).

i felt good about the run. my AHR was 140, avg pace was about 9:15.

i think i might throw away the tootsie rolls tonight. if i don't, the whole bag will be eaten within another couple days.



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