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Monday, March 10, 2008

then and now

ok well the high temp today was about 32 degrees so here i am. it was probably in the 20's for most of the day, but i won't focus on that little nuance.

last week was almost a complete bust. as i mentioned, i had house guests all week and it was still frigid, so i ran only once. oh well. that was last week.

i finished up my relatively short 4.5 mi run around 9:15 tonight. it was ok. i would have gone longer had it been bright and sunny.

one of these "flexing" arms is from tonight; the other is from late '04.

i never used to think lifting made any difference for me. which is part of the reason why i quit lifting.



all i can say is there is a high likelihood of a very exciting, brand new announcement forthcoming on this blog. a new development of sorts! very nervous. hopefully will share very very soon.

hey while i was running tonight i was thinking about my favorite podcasts, and the fact that i feel like i could add another 5 or 6 to my lineup.

here are my most-listened to, in no order (i have them set up on itunes):

steve runner's phedip
apm: marketplace
the economist
fitness rocks
kiplinger's personal finance
NPR shuffle
this american life

if anybody is out there listening, what are your favorite podcasts? no need to provide links and please feel free to mention any and all 'casts you like regardless of whether or not you think i might like. later dudes.


  • Oh, a brand new announcement!! I have six guesses what that could be.

    My favorite podcasts are
    -NPR Science Friday
    -Truth Driven Thinking
    -Authors on Tour
    -Furled Sails
    -University Channel (sometimes the audio is bad on that one)

    By Blogger M@rla, at 7:42 AM  

  • Ooooh, I hope I know what your excitement is about!!!!!!

    By Blogger Rae, at 9:12 PM  

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