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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i had a great Christmas, i hope you all did too.
i was contemplating giving the nik7+ ippp0d sport kit to my bro and in the process, i talked it up so much that my mom gave me one to me for christmas! its really cool and its such a great value relative to what the polar/garmin costs. i would strong encourage anyone with an ip0ddd to go pick one up if you don't already have some way to record your runs (or even if you do). it'll be a great investment. its cool how the nice lady speaks over your music to let you know that you only have, "ONE MILE LEFT!!!"...it makes you want to book it.

i tried out the distance setting tonight, thus i was able to hear the nice lady in the background tell me how much distance i had left at various points during the run. the whole set-up is extremely easy to use, and they have a running community/forums which makes the whole experience very interactive.

best of all, the kit is currently more accurate than my polar, even though i have tried to calibrate the stupid polar twice recently.

tomorrow i'm off to michigan to visit gf and her family for 5 days. should be fun. i still have to pack. my gf is very concerned that i will over-pack! hehe. i have over-packed on at least two of our trips, so she has cause. well, runners have lots of running outfits to pack! and all weather conditions must be accounted for! hehehe.


  • You and are your sister are very funny! I know you will keep your new giant calculator on your desk at the office, right? :) Safe Travels.

    By Blogger april anne, at 9:10 PM  

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