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Thursday, November 30, 2006


i felt like a crazy, nutty runner tonight. i ran 3.6 miles outside and it was 3 freakin' degrees (F) when taking into account the wind chill factor. brrr.

i think i need to dress a bit warmer next time....my thighs and my package didn't seem to ever warm up. it wasn't that bad though. ok moving on...

i had to get in at least 3 miles tonight, because i wanted to cross the 70 mile mark for the month of november. i originally had my sights set on the 100 mile mark, inspired by my buddy shawn (who hit the 100 mark in the month of october, i think). but due to some crazy work schedules and travel, i missed the mark by 30%. however, 70+ is a significant improvement from my typical november (see below). and with that, i am very pleased! woohoo!!!

i ran more miles in november than i did in the months of june '06 and july '06.

who knew you were supposed to build a base for an october marathon, starting in the winter? doh. i get it now though. we'll see how it works out 10 months from now.

my november mileage history

here's how the weekly mileage of november shook out (the 5th week only goes through thursday, november 30 obviously).


the most challenging thing about running 70 miles in november:
--starting back up with the first few runs. i ran a total of 9 miles in october ex. the marathon. i tried to not fall into a post-M funk. i was unsuccessful; i felt a let-down. i felt blah. i ate pizza. the first two weeks back running were pretty tough. i felt so flat and slow. no bounce.

longest november run:
--9.7 miles @ 9:40 pace

best runs:
--6.7 miles @ 8.54 pace
--7.5 miles @ 8:55 pace
--8.5 miles @ 9:24

coldest run:
--3 degrees fahrenheit, november 30

warmest run:
--57 degrees fahrenheit, november 7 (at 10:30pm no less!)

longest stretch w/o running:
--4 days (travel)

when "the bounce" returned:
--november 14. here is my nikerunning.com journal entry from that day:
"mid 30's. new winter gear. faster! felt energy. ran out of steam at the end. a fun run! i had that bounce man, i had that bounce. i love that bounce."

bring on december baby!!!


  • Brrrrr! I wouldn't even go outside the house if it was 3 degrees. I'm running today in 50 deg temp, which I think is perfect. I don't ever want to go back to a cold climate!

    But this summer I will be envying you, when it's 98 deg and 100% humidity here....

    By Blogger M@rla, at 9:38 AM  

  • Wow thanks dude, you were the one who inspired me! Glad I could return the favor... I was able to just barely squeeze out another 101 miles in November. I think the main difference is that I just have a lot more free time then you do to get more short runs in per week. Also, most of my miles now are on treadmills which is much easier on the body.

    Keep on truck'n!

    By Blogger Shawn, at 10:06 AM  

  • I love the chart comparing 04 - 05 - 06, what an increase, I would of got in those 3 precious miles too!

    By Blogger Ali, at 1:42 PM  

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