Poignant Irrelevance

Monday, October 01, 2007

tonight i ran around the lake without headphones. i put in a leisurely 6 miles. i love fall running. good stuff. i wish i could high-five all the runners out there who are racing on sunday. its pretty obvious that at least some of them are just days away. very exciting.

the weather for the twin cities marathon is calling for a high of 49 degrees with 40% chance of showers (brrr). the chicago marathon forecast is: high of 65 degrees and 40% chance of precip. i'm not sure which i'd prefer (not that it matters). i believe it is supposed to be humid also, but not too sure.

i really suck at planning and running a marathon in a different city is forcing me to try to plan. boooo. i'm trying not to get too freaked out about it. where will i get water on friday and saturday? a banana? what about my favorite pasta? when it comes to running, i'm a bit rigid; same pasta, same pre-race breakfast, and so forth. oh we'll see! over the weekend i bought FIVE packs of clif bloks which is practically enough to get someone through 2 marathons (1 pack equals 2 gu shots). i thought i better get some extra heh.

i can't think of anything interesting to say. tonight i managed to iron all of my clothes for the rest of the week, that way i'm assured of getting to bed at a reasonable time every night. nice.

well i guess that is all for now. i'll get in another post before the race. maybe 2. i can't promise that the content will be interesting.


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