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Thursday, September 13, 2007

first things first. i sent an email to someone at the organization that hosted my 'bandit' race on monday. i explained which items were 'stolen' and inquired as to where i should send my check. she emailed me back saying that was not necessary, but make sure to sign up early next year. ok! i did consider danny's advice, however this was a smaller local race (never actually explained that running it as a bandit was expressely forbidden), and i felt like being very upfront with them. my mom says i have a "guilt thing" like her. ha ha.

This was supposed to be my last week of build-up before taper. I was supposed to run about 30 miles so far, with the last 20 this weekend (for about 50 total).

I think I have about 10 miles in? i don't even know. i don't want to know right now.

I was called on to take a last minute biz trip. The timing is so frustrating, makes me want to punch holes in the wall whenever I think about it. I have to travel more next week. I’m equating it to an injury—I was ‘injured’ for about 3 days this week and couldn’t run. Actually, I ran the night I arrived at my destination….i ran 6 miles before the fitness center closed, it was $15.

i had to breathe crappy recycled airplane air, and wear non-supportive dress shoes. i had to operate on low sleep and drink tons of coffee to keep alert. not cool!

i have been getting lucky with the suites lately though. the trick is to arrive after 9pm, check out early (7-8am), and you must only be there for 1 night. so essentially, you have no time to enjoy the suite really. but nonetheless! this time i was put in a corner suite at the ritz in downtown bost0n. they always ask you if you mind (as though you would be offended staying in a suite instead of the regular room you booked). i will try to post a little video tour later this weekend, as i couldn't get it to work.


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