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Monday, September 24, 2007

the magic...is back?

i felt a lot better during my 16 miler on sunday compared to my 20 one week prior. i felt pretty good the whole way. at one point i just wanted to yell out, "i'm back baby! the magic is back!!!!! wooo!!!!!!!"
but i decided not to, heh. there was nothing special or fast about the pace, i finished with an avg of 9:59. my foot started to bother me again in the last few miles, but whatever, overall i felt good. it was the confidence booster i needed heading into the race.

one thing i like about this piftz/douglas plan is that i can keep running fairly high mileage (for me) heading into the race. its still tapering, but being able to run 16 and 12 for the last two 'long' runs is great. i never felt good ending with long runs of just 12 and 8 under higdon's beginning plans.

while i felt great on the 16, i still struggle a bit with the idea of trying to pull off 26 consecutive 9:15 miles for 4 hours. that is obviously not something i have ever done. but i've punched in my recent 25k race time (2:13:40) into every possible marathon predictor calculator and they keep spitting out crazy predictions like 3:54 and 4:00. one did spit out 4:15. i just don't know. the weather will be one unpredictable factor that will need to be taken into account on race day.

but as the day draws near, i'm going to go back to what i wrote down in my planner on my recent flight back to mpls from boston:

4:05 or bust.

i ran in the winter when it was cold, i ran in the pouring rain, i ran in the heat and humidty, i ran when i was sick of running, and i ran when all i felt like doing was watching tv on the couch. this year, i'm leaving no doubt about 'what could have been'.

4:05 or bust baby, 4:05 or bust!!

this year, i'm really putting up a fight.


  • i think you've trained unbelievably hard for this race. that's the main thing, and i'm sure you'll run a great race.

    can't wait!

    By Blogger Danny, at 10:59 PM  

  • What are you doing for your foot? I've had lots of great suggestions from people in my comments. There's not a specific thing that's worked miracles, but all of them together are giving me some improvement.

    By Blogger M@rla, at 6:55 AM  

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