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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

only 6 more runs in the double-digits before the race. i'm going to count them down. only 2 more runs in the double-digits mid-week.

more speed work ahead which makes me groin sore for a full day, but otherwise i'm totally healthy. ha ha. maybe i will get it checked out after the race. i can't decide if that pain means i should take it easy with the speed work. nothing an anti-inflammatory can't cure for now.

i just hate this feeling where everything is nagging. know what i'm saying? we are at this stage where things start to ache man. peak mileage month plus this speed stuff that i'm not used to, it has me hurting on some days. i hope this schedule pays off, it definitely took a toll, maybe a bit more than i expected. those 2 hour mid-week runs, as the sun starts to set around 8pm CST, takes up your whole darn night. have i mentioned there are only 2 more mid-week double-digit runs left? because there are only 2 left.

the first and second time i trained, i really prepared for those double-digit runs. now its like screw it, here comes another 11-miler, why even prepare for the bastard, just drink an extra glass of water during the day, lace it up, go get'r done.

i cannot envision myself doing another mid-week double-digit run (after the 2 that remain), until the long dawg days of next summer at the earliest.

why in the heck is it 90 degrees out on septmeber 4th at 5pm when i'm trying to pound out 11? no i am not cranky!


  • I can't believe the race is getting so close! You're going to do great in Chicago!

    By Blogger Rae, at 8:07 AM  

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