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Saturday, September 29, 2007

if i don't sneak in an extra run tomorrow, i will have a weekly mileage total of 29.86 miles.

i checked my logs and the last time i ran under 30 was the week starting May 28th.


in some ways, i am not a fan of cutting back so much before the marathon. it makes me feel so out of shape! i know the logic behind it etc. but after i finished my 55 mile week this summer, i felt like i was ready to conquer the world. frankly on the pfitz plan (which i think i mentioned before), you don't taper as much as hal higdon's plans. but you still have to taper. i'm a fan of the pfitz program, all the way.

my foot felt ok during my 12+ this morning. not 100% but ok. in general, assuming i do not catch a cold in 8 days, i would have to say i feel better going into this marathon health-wise than my previous two.

check out these comments made on august 26, 2006:

i'm starting to wonder how many more miles per week my body could actually withstand. i don't want this to sound the wrong way, but i do feel like i could just as well run another 10 miles tomorrow too. now, these aren't fast miles, but i'm still out there running for an hour and a half. could i actually run, lets say, 40 miles a week injury-free?

in '06 my weekly mileage peak: 32.
from the first week in june '07, ending the week Sept. 29 (17 week), my average weekly mileage: 42.

if i don't run tomorrow, this week will mark the low of this training cycle (29.9), and the second week in august marks the peak (55.5).

in 7 days and 20 hours from right now, we are going to see how this all plays out.

YEAHHHHHH. lets get in on.


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