Poignant Irrelevance

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i am a deeply introspective person. i am always thinking about things, issues, goals, struggles, the world, sports, sects of society, and on and on and on. all day, every day, almost all the time. that's just who i am. my dad took this picture; he likes it because he can see me thinking. i barely knew people were taking pictures, i was so deep in thought trying to figure out what just happened. what just happened to my summer?

i've read a few people say they wish they had taken less water, or something to that effect. i think that is total bogus. that is what the race directors want you to think.
this was the 30th chicago marathon. thirty years of hosting. combine this with the fact that they posted on the website, and communicated to all of the runners, that they would have EXTRA water and supplies. not for one second out there did it cross my mind that they would not have enough water for all the racers. the thought is completely preposterous. the fact that they could not handle and manage this race is so ridiculous. would i have taken less water had i known it would be needed for runners behind me? heck yeah. but how would i know that? why would that thought even cross my mind? we can't blame ourselves for taking water people. that's ridiculous.


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