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Saturday, October 02, 2010

race day again

Thank you so much for all the comments everybody! Every day is a new adventure, but it has been great so far. The whole not sleeping too much thing is kind of tricky, but hopefully we'll get that down (probably just in time for him to change it up on us!).

I will post more in the coming weeks regarding parenthood and the like, but for now I thought I should post at least one more time on the eve of my sixth marathon. Knock on wood, I feel ok this year although I'm not shooting for that 3:30 like I was last year. I plan on lining up with the 3:40 group and letting things play out. I missed my last 20 miler due to a birth of our son (seems like a good reason?), but otherwise I was pretty much on track during this training cycle.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and support along the way...here we go again!! One of the new things I'm trying this year is to have absolutely nothing to eat within 3 hours of the marathon...the nutritional logic behind this was given in a recent podcast by one of the founders of Hammer nutrition. I followed this for my last several long 18+ mile runs and it worked fine.

See you on the flip side.


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